Flash Fiction Collection: 

All That Is Between Us (to be published Spring 2019 by Ad Hoc Fiction)

Selected Anthology/Book Publications:

Ursa Minor: Unthology 10 (Unthank Books, 2018)

Late Blackberries: Ripening (Gumbo Press, 2018)

Flabberjacks: The Lobsters Run Free (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2017)

Busy Lizzy: Flash Fiction Festival One (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2017)

The Way We Lie: Sleep Is A Beautiful Colour – National Flash Fiction Day (Gumbo Press 2017)

My Father, Who Ate A Tree and Carapace: To Carry Her Home (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2017)

Two Kids, Three Balloons: A Box Of Stars Beneath The Bed – National Flash Fiction Day (Gumbo Press, 2016)

The Three Kings: Bath Short Story Award (Brown Dog Books 2015)

A Secret Weight: Landmarks (Gumbo Press 2015)

The Rules of Caketin James: Gem Street: Beyond The Axis (Labello Press, 2015)

Mary Siobhan McConnelly: Aesthetica Annual 2015 (Aesthetica, 2015)

Giraffe High: An Earthless Melting Pot 3 (Triskele Books, 2015)

Lily Woo and the Chrysanthemum Man: Bath Short Story Award (Brown Dog Books, 2014)

Fair Weather: Lightship Anthology 3 (Alma Books, 2014)

Biological: An Earthless Melting Pot 2, (Triskele Books 2014)

Parallel Lines: Conspicious Accents (Longbridge Press, 2014)

Jennifer’s Piano: Fish Prize 2013 (Fish Publishing, 2013)

Selected Literary Magazines 

Whale Season: The Lonely Crowd, Issue 8 (November 2017)

A Punch To The Heart: Short Fiction Journal (November 2017)

Superpower: Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine Vol: 10,1 (April 2017)

The Relationship Algorithms: Synaesthesia Magazine (March 2017)

Bone Hard Ground: Brittle Star Issue 38 (July 2016)

The Day Of Joy: Bare Fiction Magazine (June 2016)

On A Red Eye Heading East: Structo Magazine Issue 14 (August 2015)

Selected short fiction online: 

Extremities: Bath Flash Fiction Award Winner 2018

Two By Two: Flashback Fiction

The Conservation of Angular Momentum: Fictive Dream

Black Windows: The Fiction Pool

Being The Good Guys: Forge Literary Magazine

Looking At The Sun: Nottingham Review 

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have: Litro Magazine 

Giraffe High: Words With Jam