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All That is between us

All That Is Between Us examines the complex, fragile nature of human relationships – between parents and children, couples, lovers, friends and strangers. This triptych of 40 short-short stories explores the challenges of fitting-in with others, but also how much we risk to avoid being alone. They evoke the changing nature of relationships through moments of ambiguity, duality and separation. All That Is Between Us is a testament to the beauty and comfort that connection brings… and the pain when it is severed. The book features international prize winning pieces as well as many new stories.

Selection of reviews

“Elkes’ ability to create characters who are funny, insightful, and flawed is evident in every single one of these stories.”
extract of book review at Smokelong Quarterly

“A highly enjoyable collection of flash, a collection often grounded in the everyday but that transcends the everyday in the way of all great fiction.”
extract of book review at Sabotage Reviews.

“Crackles with all the complexities of human relationships, narrative blazes, if you like, that may be tiny in size but vast on matters of the heart. Stories crafted with an emotional wisdom that scythes. Birth and attachment, parenting, love and loss, regrets and nostalgias underpin these diverse tales with their strong narrative push. Psychologies of relationships are drawn out in vivid technicolour and Elkes courts his readers with emotional balance.” 
extract of book review at Storgy Magazine

“His ability to write complex, empathetic characters in a few hundred words is exceptional – especially given the inevitability of a large and wide-ranging cast in a collection such as this…I really look forward to reading what Ken produces next.
~ review by Johanna Robinson, author of Homing (longlisted for the Guardian Not The Booker Prize, 2019)

“For the time it takes to read one of these brief flashes, or one and the next, and the next – as they’re addictive – you are immersed. You breathe the air his characters breathe, and ache exactly where they ache. Elkes’ elegance with language is vivid throughout, frequently offering fresh terms on which to understand the world – “the buttery tang of trodden grass”, an old book with “the edges of its pages the colour of beer”, taxi cabs “yellow as a smoker’s finger.”
~ Review on SkyLightRain, by author Judy Darley

“This is an astounding collection of the short form with pieces on family life ground breaking in their honesty. There are stories here that rank among the finest flash fiction I’ve ever read. I sent some to reading and writing friends as examples of what great Flash Fiction looks like.” 
~ GoodReads review by flash fiction author Steven John 

“Without trying to be too clever or obvious, K. M. Elkes treads lightly over stepping stones of light and dark which stretch across the wastelands, minefields and pleasure parks of human emotions. His stories hint at human frailties, disappointments, regrets and triumphs all held together by unglamorous yet abiding versions of love.”
~ extract from review at ShortStops 

Accolades/Praise for Quotes

“Truthful, revelatory, and beautifully written, All That Is Between Us is a collection you’ll want to read and re-read.”
~ Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works

“K.M. Elkes writes like a fallen angel, making the ordinary divine…This is breath-taking flash fiction at its finest.” 
~ Angela Readman, author of Something Like Breathing

“Whoever you are, whatever you like to read, you need these stories in your life.”
~ Tania Hershman, author of Some Of Us Glow More Than Others

“These insightful and disarmingly honest stories shimmer with quirky brilliance.” 
~ Meg Pokrass, author of Alligators At Night 

Brings a Cheever-esque emotional punch to his stories, married to a sweet, left-of-field insight that is all his own…a masterclass in the heart-jolting satisfaction of great flash fiction.”
~ Nuala O’Connor, author of Joyride to Jupiter

“K.M. Elkes explores the mechanics of relationships with both sober realism and a sparkling, dry wit. This book is a string of perfect moments.”
~ Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods, longlisted for the Women’s Prize For Fiction

“This collection is crammed with powerful and moving images…The stories move together like a murmuration of texts, each slipping in and out of the other, making every fragment part of a whole experience, almost as if it were a shattered novel you’ve found on the floor and are trying to piece together.”
~ David Gaffney, author of All The Places I’ve Ever Lived

“These razor-sharp stories…are full of bruised beauty, and they will stay in your heart. A brilliant book.”
~ David Swann, author of The Privilege Of Rain

Book information

Title: All That Is Between Us 
Author: K.M. Elkes
Genre: Literary Fiction (short fiction collection)
Publisher: Ad Hoc Fiction
Format: Paperback and e-book 
ISBN paperback: 978-1-912095-53-7 
ISBN e-book: 978-1-912095-52-0
Extent: 196mm x 134mm: 150pp
Publication Date: June 19, 2019
Price: £9.99 (paperback); £5.99 (e-book)