Writer pats himself on the back for doing okay

anthcover2016I am discovering that as a writer, it’s important to occasionally take some time out and assess what you have achieved recently. After all, no-one else is going to do that for you. Plus it makes a pleasant change from either writing, worrying about writing, worrying about not writing, lying awake wondering why your writing has become utter arse gravy and going to work because you don’t earn enough from your writing.

So, I thought I would post a little update on recent publications and a few more in the pipeline.

If you like stories with talking orang-utans (and frankly, who doesn’t) then my short story Being The Good Guys has been published over at The Forge Literary Magazine, a splendid Anglo-American venture.

Meanwhile, I have a another story available to read on the Bare Fiction Magazine website, called The Day of Joy, which was Highly Commended in the Bare Fiction Prize 2015, judged by Paul McVeigh.

Hold on, there’s more. My flash fiction story Two Kids, Three Balloons is forthcoming in an anthology called A Box Of Stars Beneath The Bed, which is being published in conjunction with National Flash Fiction Day 2016. (I will put more details about events taking place on National Flash Fiction Day on this blog shortly).

But don’t go just yet. Or rather, come back soon as I will be revealing a couple of more snippets of news soon too, including details of a story that will appear in Unthology 10 from Unthank Books.

Right, that’s enough for now, laurel resting done for a while. Time to get back to making a story that’s better than the last one. Onwards on upwards….

One thought on “Writer pats himself on the back for doing okay

  1. Well done, Ken. I enjoyed reading The Day of Joy. As you say there’s no harm in reflecting on success (and hard work). When commuting or clock-watching in the late afternoon I’d say it’s essential….

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