Short Story Collections – A guest blog with Judy Darley

short-story2I was asked by fellow Bristol writer Judy Darley to write a post on her blog SkyLightRain about putting together a short story collection, a task I am working on at the moment.

Judy is a writer and journalist who published a short story collection called Remember Me To The Bees and is currently working on a novel.

The whole ‘what makes a good short story collection’ is an interesting and elusive subject with very little written about it compared with the huge amount of books and web information about putting together novels.

But one thing is certain – there’s more to it than simply dusting off a selection of your best stories and sending them to a publisher.

Writing the blog post made me think again of the way that really great short stories collections hang together and are more than just a sum of their parts. So check out the post on Judy’s site and see what you think.