Litro Magazine and the Modals of Lost Opportunity

litrologo-black-shadowEvery month the funky and fiction-packed Litro (an online and printed magazine which covers writing, the arts, travel and lifestyle) publishes an interview with an author under the title A Flash Of Inspiration. This month the article is about yours truly and my very short story ‘Could Have, Would Have, Should Have‘.

It’s a bit of a chance to answer some about how I write flash fiction (generally defined as narrative stories under 1,000 words) and how I like the reader to do some work and fill in the gaps. Like a good three-minute song, I think a story should reward you and hook you the first time around, but have enough about it to reward another read where you might just pick up on some more of the subtleties.

Anyway, there’s plenty of such literary musings in the interview and analysis by Jennifer Harvey, the flash fiction editor at Litro. Oh and I nearly forgot. You can also read the actually story at Litro too. There’s a link to it at the end of the article.

A Flash of Inspiration: Could Have, Would Have, Should Have, by Ken Elkes

PS: In case you don’t know what the Modals Of Lost Opportunity are from the title of this blog post, read the article on Litro – all will be explained!