There is no writing without reading

reading-a-bookReading is the most essential element of writing. If you don’t read, if you don’t read critically, if you don’t read widely, if you don’t learn from reading, then there’s not much point in writing.

So in spirit of sharing and encouraging reading here’s what I’ve had my nose in recently. Not everything below is great, some is surprisingly weak, forgettable or just plain dull. Some of it is deeply moving, some resonates for a long, long time like a plucked string.

All of it will help me to write better, one way or another.

Most of these books are short story collections or anthologies, with a few novels thrown in. And I’m not going to critique them – if you want to know what they are like, read them and become a better writer yourself…

  • Alice Munro – Dear Life
  • Wells Tower – Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned
  • Claire Keegan – Walk The Blue Fields
  • Edith Pearlman – Binocular Vision
  • Bernard McLaverfty – Matters of Life & Death
  • Phillip O Ceallaigh – Notes From a Turkish Whorehouse
  • Best British Short Stories 2011 and 2013
  • Shi Cheng – Short Stories From Urban China
  • Jenn Ashworth – A Kind Of Intimacy
  • Alison Moore – The Lighthouse

Looks a fair amount of reading, but hasn’t made a dent in the huge piles of unread books on my shelves. Which reminds me, I probably need to buy some more…